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인도와 미국에 본사를 두고 있는 모스칩사는 100명이 넘는 S/W, H/W engineer 를 보유한 connectivity 전문회사로써 PCI, USB, IEEE1394, Serial to Parallel, AD/DA 기술과 ARM base CPU 기술을 통해서 이종간의 연결성 제공하고 있으며,
POS 장비, UMPC, Video camcorder, D-TV, Signage Display, NAS, VPN, STB, USB server 등 SOHO 및 consumer 제품에 다양한 solution 을 제공하고 있습니다.
MosChip is probably the only world-class fabless semiconductor company from India. The Company’s headquarters and the design center housing 118 employees (around 91 engineers) are located at Hyderabad, India. The company also has an office in the Silicon Valley, which provides product intelligence, customer and marketing support. MosChip’s products are designed in India, fabricated in world-class fabs in Taiwan and sold worldwide through the US office. MosChip is focused on providing optimal connectivity solutions for the Consumer, Small Office Home Office (SOHO), Enterprise and Industrial Control markets. The company has currently four product families USB connectivity, PCI conn ectivity, Network Appliance Processor and Network Appliance Co-Processor
Products USB connectivity USB to Serial, USB to Parallel, USB to Ethernet, USB to IrDA Network Connectivity USB Network, VPN processor, USB network w Wireless and SATA controller PCI connectivity PCI to Dual UART, PCI to Dual Printer, PCI-e to Serial + Parallel Audio/Video Content Processor AV Content Controller, Video Storage Controller